Memorial quilt for fallen soldier's family goes missing

BORING, Ore. - Volunteers are searching for a missing home-made quilt meant for a fallen Oregon soldier's family.

Kaye Hansen has helped stitch many of the more than 180 quilts delivered by the Oregon Home of the Brave Quilt Project to families of fallen soldiers. She says each quilt is a replica of the Civil War quilts made by the Women's Sanitary Commission during the war.

"I want these families to know we appreciate their sacrifice. While that soldier's serving or if he doesn't make it home," Hansen said.

Hansen said she had the missing quilt with her at the Portland Expo Center. She said she thought she left it in her car, but when she left it was gone. She said she hopes it was an accident or that the quilt got dropped somewhere

"A part of me wants to believe somebody out there found it and they don't know how to get it where is belongs," said Hansen. "Anybody who found it would instantly realize it was a memorial quilt."

The quilt was sealed in a plastic bag with the soldier's obituary on top.

Hansen did not mention the soldier's family's name out of respect for their privacy. She's already started a replacement quilt in case this one is never found.

Volunteer quilters personalize each quilt for each fallen soldier, stitching personal messages from the soldier's family and friends. Hansen said the Oregon chapter of the Home of the Brave Quilting Project has made memorial quilts for all of the families of fallen soldiers since 2003.

Do you know anything about the missing quilt? Contact the Oregon Home of the Brave Project