Men steal expensive fish finder at local outdoor store

TIGARD, Ore. - Store managers at two Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor stores hope someone knows the two men suspected of shoplifting at the stores and getting away with an expensive fish finder at one of them.

It only took a couple of minutes for the two suspects to spot the fish finders worth as much as $2,500 each. The men are believed to have walked away with some expensive gear from the Delta Park location and nearly succeeded in pulling it off again at the Tigard store.

"What really made me mad is when I saw the (surveillance) video - just the nerve of them and kneel down there (behind the counter)," said Jered Santhez who was working that day.

He said he knew right away something was up.

"When they first came in I thought they looked suspicious. I asked them if there was anything I could help them find, and he said, 'Not yet,' and I thought that was a weird response."

Sure enough, as soon as Santhez walked away from the counter, one of the men sneaked over and snagged the fish finder.

"Knowing where the key was makes me think they've been here before, you know, kind of scouting it out," Santhez said.

Their plan didn't work, however. An employee found where the men stashed the fish finder before they could come back for it. But their faces are caught on camera, and the store hopes that will help reel them in.

Managers say a sizable reward is being offered in the case. If anyone recognizes the men, they are asked to call the loss prevention group with Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor at 360-841-8412.