Missing: Large gorilla wearing yellow shorts. If seen, call police

GLADSTONE, Ore. - Marty's missing.

He was last seen wearing sunglasses, bright polka dot yellow shorts and carrying a hot tub.

The thing is he's a 30-foot tall, 200 pound, blue inflatable gorilla.

Marty was stolen from the roof of Spas of Oregon where he stood large and in charge for four years and could be seen from Interstate 205. The owners of the store have filed a police report and hope investigators will get their gorilla back.

Half a dozen ropes tied the beast down and two 200-pound compressors that kept him inflated were also stolen.

So it was no easy task for the thieves to gorilla-nap Marty, especially because it's a 40-foot climb to the roof.

"This was definitely planned in advance," said owner John Harrison who is offering a $500 reward to get Marty back.

Harrison said it was a bit embarrassing to call police.

"We basically said we had an inflatable gorilla that had been stolen," he said. "We don't know what somebody's going to do with a 30-foot tall gorilla named Marty."

Marty is covered by insurance, which is a good thing because he costs about $5,000.

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Marty or has seen him is asked to call police.