Missing Portland man found dead

PORTLAND, Ore. - A family member of James Lund told KATU News his body was found in his car Sunday near a ranger station on the Clackamas Highway.

Michael Namba, the brother-in-law of Lund's fiancee, said Lund was found dead in his car near the Ripplebrook Ranger Station.

Namba said Lund committed suicide. It's unclear who found the car, but Namba said it was not a member of the search party.

Lund, 42, was last seen Thursday by family members. He was reported missing Friday after he did not return from a day trip the day before, police said.

He did not tell anyone exactly where he was going, police said.

Lund's cell phone records indicated he was somewhere west of Highway 26, northwest of the Warm Springs area, at some point after he left home, according to police. The Warm Springs Police Department joined the investigation.

His family told KATU News that surveillance video showed Lund at a Shell gas station on Highway 212 in Boring, Ore. at around 12 p.m. on Thursday.

Family members spent Sunday searching an area nearby.