Mistaken Goodwill donation found and returned

PORTLAND, Ore. - It only took Melissa Lowry Sullivan 15 minutes to realize her husband's Goodwill donation contained a mistake.

"In addition to all of these bags of clothes was this large box of gDiapers," she said.

If you've never seen them, gDiapers are a brand of reusable diapers that can cost $150 for a starter set.

So, back to Goodwill she went. The news wasn't good.

"I said I know that they're there, he was just here, if we can just look," she said. "And he wouldn't let me because their policy is that once it's there you have to fill out this paperwork, and they'll look for you."

Goodwill's Dale Emanuell said that paperwork is an important part of the process when searching for a donation error.

Workers separate donations quickly, so fast that KATU even had an incident while on the floor - Emanuell's camera was almost donated.

With Emanuell's help, KATU went back to the paper trail, speeding up a search process that was already underway to see where the truck may have gone.

Half an hour later (and some more digging) we found the box at the Powell store and called Melissa with the good news.

They were returned to her that afternoon.