Mom has advice for parents worried about possible teacher strike

GRESHAM, Ore. -- Meg Morales has been there, done that. Her son was a student in the Gresham district during a teacher strike back in 2012.

Parents needed to work together to find solutions for childcare, lack of school meals, and instruction so kids didn't fall behind.

Districts don't generally provide these services during strikes.

Portland Public Schools did not return KATU's phone calls Friday. The teachers union said it did not make any contingency plans because it is too early to discuss a strike.

But we can all learn a thing or two from history.

KATU News interviewed Meg Morales in April 2012 as she and other families made back-up plans in case teachers went on strike and disrupted normal school operations.

Gresham teachers did strike, but just for a day.

Morales didn't know that ahead of time.

"We've all been talking about what we're going to do," said Morales, in 2012.

She and other parents made plans to hold alternating childcare and homeschooling at various houses.

For example, Morales would look after a group of kids on a Monday, another family on Tuesday, and so on, filling in the gaps between busy schedules.

"If parents work together, that's going to be the key," said Morales, today.

She says parents should make plans together assuming the schools will provide nothing.