Mom says the other man punched first, but son still sorry

OREGON CITY, Ore. - The mother of the man accused in a brutal beating of a man in Milwaukie told KATU on Tuesday that her son's been dealing with a suicide of a friend.

Shana Traver hugged two friends and cried in the courtroom while her son Timothy Sullivan appeared in front of a judge via video feed from jail.

He's facing a second-degree felony assault charge.

Prosecutors say when the beating victim, 59-year-old Joseph Garvey, yelled at Sullivan to slow down last Thursday Sullivan provoked a fight and kept punching the victim.

Traver says it was Garvey who punched first but that Sullivan is still sorry about it.

She says that he's been dealing with the suicide of his best friend and has been turning to alcohol. And when police were looking for him over the weekend, she says he just got scared.

"He hid out; he didn't know what to do," she said. "Everybody's blowing it up. He wanted to turn himself in and just got more and more scared you know; it's not my son; my son has a good heart."
Garvey sustained a broken nose, cuts severe swelling and neck pain.

Sullivan is in jail on $75,000 bail. He's set to be back in court next month.

Sullivan has a criminal past. He's been convicted of crimes in three different states. Those crimes include battery and assault.

KATU obtained the video of the incident. Warning, the video is dramatic and shows the beating. There are also what to be appear to be gunshots heard, but that has not been confirmed.