More than just a car, man's transportation to life, stolen

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Andrew Freedman is pleading for the thief who stole his car to return it because it's his link to life-saving medical treatment.

Someone stole Freedman's Honda Accord Monday morning. He says it's not worth much to anyone else, but it's a lifeline for him.

Right now, Freedman's being helped by family members but that can only continue for so long.

The car was his independence. He spends a lot of time looking after his medical needs, and the car gets him to where he needs to go.

He drives himself to the hospital three times a week for dialysis treatments. He can't believe anyone else would even want it.

"It's got a cracked windshield all the way across," he says. "The muffler on it is broken so it sounds like a Harley Davidson. It's a pretty big eyesore. It's got no hubcaps - just black wheels, but it's my eyesore because it gets me where I need to go."

The car is a green 1997 four-door Honda Accord with quite a bit of rust on it.

He's hoping the thief might see this story, have a conscience and bring the car back. He even says the thief can bring it back and drop it off in the middle of the night. He doesn't care to see them in trouble.

He reported the car stolen but so far there have been no leads.

Freedman doesn't have full coverage on the car so unless it's returned he says there's no way to replace it.

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