More victims expected in Sandy credit card fraud cases

SANDY, Ore. - Police say the credit and debit card numbers of nearly two dozen people have been stolen in the Sandy area and they believe there may be more victims.

The suspect or suspects are highly organized and are using sophisticated methods.

Police are trying to hone in on how the thieves are getting the card numbers of their victims. They say the one thing the victims all have in common is they went shopping at businesses in the Sandy area.

Right now police say there's no one business these victims all shopped at but they are trying to narrow it down.

Over the past few weeks the Sandy Police Department has received complaints from about 20 people all saying their credit card numbers were stolen. The stolen card numbers were used all over the country, including California, Florida and South Carolina.

Police say the thieves are making charges between $5 and $1,200 per victim.

Michelle Meyers says she lost about $300.

"I just felt a little - it was kind of a violation of just our privacy and luckily we had done a garage sale so we will have cash for the next week," she said.

Meyers' bank caught the fraud and she'll be able to dispute the charges. But police are concerned about people in the area who aren't checking their bank statements closely.

Police are urging people who have bought anything, even gas, in the Sandy area over the past few weeks to check their credit card statements.

People who notice any unusual charges should contact their bank. And if they think their credit card numbers may have been stolen, they should call police.