Mother remembers son killed in wrong-way crash

LA CENTER, Wash- Ask Tracey Babitzke how she'll remember her son Henry, and one enduring image comes to mind.

"I've never seen one day without a smile from him. It's hard for him to wake up and not see him smiling at me," Babitzke said.

He was just six-years-old, not a care in the world. The only thing Henry seemed to worry about is when he was going to get to see his best friend next, his older cousin Clayton.

"Henry always put his shoes on backwards it was so cute. Clayton would fix them for him. That's how close they were to each other. They loved each other like brothers," Babitzke said.

They were inseparable, so it was no surprise Henry wanted to go on a church camping trip with Clayton this weekend.

So Henry's aunt, Clayton's mom, took them shopping for new sleeping bags. They were headed home down I-5 when one wrong turn changed everything.

"They told me Henry was dead, that he passed away. I just couldn't believe it. I saw Henry and held him as long as I could," Babitzke said.

State Troopers say 84-year-old Gage Musgrave was driving the wrong way down the interstate, Henry's aunt Ericka Gormans didn't see him in time.

Now Tracey is praying her sister and nephew make it out of the hospital, and she's also saving room in her prayers for one more person.

"I just ask for God. That's all I can do is pray for God. I even pray for the man who was in the accident too. That's all we can do, we are humans, we have to love each other," Babitzke said.

Both Clayton and his mother Erica are still in critical condition at OHSU. Authorities haven't said if Musgrave will face any charges.