Mother says hot plate at Portland restaurant burned baby's arm

PORTLAND, Ore. - A mother is upset after she said a server at a Southeast Portland restaurant burned her 1-year-old son's arm while setting a hot plate down on the table.

The burn happened when mom Stephanie Lodromanean went with the rest of her family Sunday evening to La Bamba Mexican Restaurant near Southeast 49th Street and Powell. She said her son, Jasper, was calmly seated in his high chair when the server quickly set a hot plate down, skimming the baby's arm.

Nearly a week later Jasper still has a burn mark on his right arm.

Lodromanean said the server apologized for what happened, but also blamed the family for not closely watching the baby.

"I want them to own up to their mistake and not blame a child," she said.

The restaurant's owner, Carlo Vicenttin, said La Bamba uses a convection oven to melt cheese in dishes before they are served and that's why the plates get so hot.

Vicenttin said he's never had anything like this happen in his 10 years of business.

"We want to voice our concerns and our apologies for anything that might have happened," he said.

He said the server has been disciplined and all servers have been reminded about safely handling hot plates.

Jasper's parents said the baby's arm is going to be OK.