Murder trial almost over for mom accused of homophobic crime

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The prosecution rested its case on Tuesday against Jessica Dutro, the mother accused of killing her 4-year-old son because he was gay.

Prosecutors say Dutro abused, tortured and ultimately killed Zachary in August 2012 while living with her boyfriend, Brian Canady, and three other kids at a shelter in Tigard.

She is facing murder charges in Washington County.

Court documents show a string of Facebook messages where investigators believe Dutro wrote her boyfriend how Zachary "walks and talks" in a homosexual way.

Before resting its case, the prosecution called a witness who described what Dutro's other children told him.

James Gurule, who counseled Dutro's daughter, told the jury that this is what she said in an interview: "They would punch me and slap me. They beat my brother up. Then he died. I seen them."

Dutro's defense team called several witnesses on Tuesday, including a woman who lived in the shelter, the Tigard Good Neighbor Center, during the time Dutro is accused of beating Zachary.

The defense could also wrap up its case by Wednesday morning.

Neither Dutro nor her boyfriend, Brian Canady, took the stand. Canady had already pleaded guilty to manslaughter.