Musician fighting cancer: 'You have so much to live for'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Linda Hornbuckle has made her mark on the local music industry.

Now that industry is giving back to her as she faces a health crisis.

Hornbuckle, known as the "Soul Diva of the Northwest," was diagnosed with kidney cancer in August. She's currently undergoing chemotherapy, but keeping a positive attitude.

"I'm looking at this like you have all these beautiful people, all these beautiful friends," said Hornbuckle. "You have so much to live for, to work hard for, to get well, and to get better."

Her husband and friends secretly organized a fundraiser for her on Sunday night.

Hornbuckle's immune system is too weak for her to be in a crowd. She'll have to be in a booth during the event, but she'll be there.

"I just think seeing everybody and being on the other side of it is going to bring a lot of tears, but I'm going to feel very blessed at the same time," she said.

"Whatever happens to her happens to me," said Hornbuckle's husband Mark Young. "If there's a way to get out of it, I'm going to find it. If there's a way to get through it, I'm going to find it."

When she does, Hornbuckle said she'll be right where she belongs: Performing for all her fans.

"I wanna get well and give them more," she said.

Sunday night's fundraiser is sold out. Donate to the Linda Hornbuckle fund.