Mystery noise frustrates Forest Grove neighborhood

Chester Epperson (left) listens to the mystery sound played from KATU's Chris Liedle's cellphone.

People living in a west Forest Grove neighborhood are puzzled by a high-pitched whistling noise.

Paula Lynch told KATU News she first heard the noise several weeks ago. She's heard the noise about five times, and at all hours of the day.

On Friday, she recorded a 30-second video and posted it to social media, hoping someone had an answer.

(Listen to the sound in the below tweet)

Lynch says the sound seems to be coming from the intersection of Gales Creek Road and Vista Drive, but she says it's hard to pinpoint why it's so loud and what's the source. Sometimes it lasts for mere seconds, other times for minutes.

"I've been woken up three or four times," Colleen Ahrens told KATU's Chris Liedle. "It almost sounds like someone needs to change their brakes."

Ahrens says her husband is a mechanic. When she described the noise to him, he thought a worn brake pad was the culprit, but after she listened to the recording, she's not so sure anymore.

"It does sound really loud," Ahrens said. "It sounds cyclical."

Chester Epperson lives across the street from Ahrens in the 600 Block of Roxe Drive.

KATU played him the clip after he said he hadn't heard the noises.

"I'm sorry guys, but that sounds like what you hear on a ship out there on the coast."

Epperson says he isn't concerned, but says he will be listening more carefully.

A spokesperson for the Forest Grove Fire Department told KATU News that they are aware of the noises, but no one has called to report it. While he did not know the source, he told us it's not a fire alarm.

The nearest train track dead ends in downtown Forest Grove. KATU was told it is rarely used. Natural gas lines are buried underground, so hearing an audible noise is not likely.

Many neighbors believe it's from a logging truck braking, but they note most of the roads nearby are flat, and the noise likely wouldn't be so loud for an extended period of time.

"Maybe the X-Files back on TV again," Epperson joked. "High-pitched, it's got a pause. I'll keep my ears out."

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