Mystery woman hit by two cars identified

SALEM, Ore. -- Investigators have identified the woman who was hospitalzied after getting hit twice and trapped under a car on a busy road Sunday evening.

Salem Police Spokesman Lt. Dave Okada said she is Monica Cebreros, 19, of Salem.

"She was in the road when she was hit," said Lt. Okada. "Neither driver has been cited at this time."

He said the woman is still in very bad shape in the hospital.

The two drivers who hit Cebreros are cooperating with police. So far, there have been no arrests.

Another driver, Danielle Nye, swerved past the woman just moments before the accident.

"She was very much in her own world," said Nye, who says she didn't see the woman in her dark jeans and clothing until the very last moment.

Nye says the woman was walking in the middle of the traffic lane with her back toward oncoming vehicles on Northeast Hawthorne Avenue near Livingston Street in Salem.

"Honestly, it seemed like she didn't care if she was in the road," said Nye, who grew up in Salem and says she's driven down the stretch of road "millions" of times.

"It wasn't a common way of walking. It was very distraught. It was very odd behavior. I was very concerned for her."

Hawthorne Avenue at the section where the crash happened is two lanes with no sidewalks, bordering a small grassy shoulder against a large concrete barrier bordering the interstate.