Nat'l Craft Brew Week? Who cares, we celebrate craft brews everyday in PDX

"Portland is Beervana," Rob Widmer told KATU on Friday.

He went on to say, "Portland is the very best place in the world to live if you like beer. Most people say craft beer was born in northern California, but it's flourished here like no place on earth. You can get great beers in other parts of the country and world but you can't get the variety and quality of beers that you can here in Portland."

Widmer says many of the best brews in town are still made in the garages and homes where he sometimes finds the next recipe to work into his tap list at the brewery.

"Some of the best beer that I drink now is from the home brew community," Widmer said.

Widmer collaborates with some of those home brewers

Once a year, the collaborator project allows a home brewer to work with the Widmer brewers. Then that beer is sold under a collaborator tap handle. Some of the proceeds go to a scholarship fund for brewers at Oregon State University.