Neighbor punches knife-wielding car prowl suspect in face, deputies say

SALEM, Ore. -- Marion County sheriff's deputies arrested a suspected car prowler Friday, after they said he threatened a woman and her neighbor with a ten-inch kitchen knife.

The victim says she watched as Justice Selmer, 20, broke into her car around 6 p.m. Friday night. She yelled for help, and her neighbor rushed over and confronted Selmer.

Deputies say Selmer pulled out a kitchen knife, and slashed at the neighbor. That neighbor blocked the swings, and punched Selmer in the face. Selmer took off running.

Marion County deputies responded and tracked Selmer to a parking lot near the scene of the car break-in. When they arrested him, he still had the kitchen knife in his possession, deputies said.

Selmer was taken to the Marion County Jail. He's charged with attempted assault, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful entry into a vehicle.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office is also using this incident as an opportunity to remind people how dangerous it can be to confront a criminal in the act. If you see a crime being committed, the sheriff's office recommends you call 911 from a safe place.