Neighbors call street where officer-involved shooting happened, quiet and family-friendly

VANCOUVER, Wash. - The neighborhood where an officer-involved shooting happened on Monday morning is a quiet, family-friendly place by all accounts. Many people were gone during the day when the shooting happened. A lot of neighbors came out to look at the scene at dusk.

Rachel Grice was one of those people. She brought three of her four children out to look at the scene as investigators started their ninth hour of work. She knew she had to be honest with her kids about what they saw on their evening walk.

"We want them to know the danger of the job that police do and that we should respect them and honor them," Grice explained.

She heard the gunshots Monday morning while she was out for a run.

"Typically I would turn and come up north on this street and I didn't. About three minutes into my run I heard what I thought was fireworks," Grice said.

The neighbhrood, near the corner of 162nd Avenue and 34th Street is a place where kids walk, ride bikes and explore. Some of those kids, including Grice's, saw a bullet up close for the first time. It flew across the busy street into her side of the neighborhood.

When asked what she thinks about that Grice said, "It could have been us. It could have been me."

And now several sets of young, curious eyes may understand the world a little differently since someone who's supposed to keep them safe got hurt down the street.

"We'll never forget," Grice said.

No one will, especially the officer who took several bullets to protect people like Grice and her kids.