Neighbors fighting thick dust from Sellwood Bridge project

SELLWOOD, Ore. - Judy Jacks and her husband enjoy an orchestra seat to construction at their condo near the Sellwood Bridge.

"I know it needs to be done," said Jacks. "I'm happy they're doing it. I'm sorry I'm so inconvenienced."

That inconvenience comes in the form of a thick layer of dust that constantly coats their condo.

Jacks says the never-ending dust means her cleaning work is also never-ending.

"I probably dusted once a week," she said. "Now I could dust every day."

Dirt even tarnishes the greenery that's supposed to remind the retired couple why they moved to the pretty spot in the first place ten years ago.

"You have to understand you breathe this stuff all the time too," Jacks said.

Neighbors joined together pay for a cleaning service. They also want Multnomah County to pitch in, but they county has not responded. Calls to the county from KATU News on Friday and Saturday were not returned.

Engineers moved the Sellwood Bridge onto temporary supports last month. It will stay there while the new bridge is built. The project is scheduled to take another three years.

"What I want from this is a little respect once and a while," said Jacks. "I want them to come out and clean this a little more often."