Neighbors lift pickup truck, pull trapped man to safety

CORNELIUS, Ore. - Scott Lakey said he was trapped under his truck with three broken ribs and no help in sight on Saturday.

Then his neighbors rushed to his rescue. They lifted the truck and pulled him to safety.

Lakey was working on his truck when it nearly crushed him to death. He had the front end of the truck up on ramps and was underneath it on a crawler when he said the pickup rolled off the ramps and landed on his chest, breaking three of his ribs. He was stuck for about ten minutes.

Lakey spoke with KATU after he was released from the hospital on Sunday.

"From my point of view, I only saw one or two people and it was almost like I blacked out just before they actually got it up and a lady was grabbing me by the legs, pulling me out from underneath my truck," Lakey said. "Then I looked up and saw all the people that were there and it was all I could do was say 'thank you so much, you guys just saved my life.'"

Jose Cervantes lives next door to Lakey. He said he ran over to his apartment with some friends when he heard the screams for help.

"I come to here, and I see the guy on the bottom of the truck," Cervantes said.

A couple of people lifted the truck's rear end while others pulled Lakey out. Cervantes said it felt good to help his neighbor.

On Sunday, Lakey walked over to Cervantes' house to personally thank him again for his help.

Lakey said his girlfriend has banned him from working on his truck by himself from now on. He said he feels fortunate to be alive and have neighbors who care.

"All I could think about was my daughters," Lakey said. "At one point I thought 'there's no way I'm gonna die under this truck, you know? I'm getting out of here to take care of my girls.'"

"I consider myself very lucky, yeah."