New technology at Providence expands treatment window for strokes

Dr. Amit Kansara, stroke neurologist at Providence Pain and Spine Institute, explains new CT scan technology that allows doctors more time to treat stroke victims. (KATU Photo)

Providence has announced new technology, which it says could quadruple the treatment window for stroke victims.

Before this new research, doctors had about six hours to locate and remove blood clots. But new CT scan technology is more precise than ever, differentiating between dead brain tissue and damaged tissue.

That distinction allows doctors to easily pinpoint clots and gives them up to a day to do so.

That's especially important for people in rural areas.

"This is also very important for people who are in remote areas, because with telestroke networks we can transfer those patients from small hospitals to larger hospitals to remove their clot from their brain, and this extended time window will be helpful tremendously," said Dr. Amit Kansara, stroke neurologist at Providence Brain and Spine Institute.

Doctors say researchers are already focused on creating new technology that can extend the window of treatment even further.

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