No (big) dogs allowed? Salem park might cater to smaller canines

SALEM, Ore. - Lynda Bush and her husband have big plans for an open field at Orchards Heights Park in West Salem.

They're still working out the details, but the inspiration came after her two best friends - her small dogs, Lilly and Olivia - had a scary encounter with a much bigger dog at the park.

"I took the leashes off - no sooner had I done that then Olivia ended up being underneath this great big dog who was snarling snapping and scaring the day lights out of her," Bush said. "It was just awful to hear her crying because I couldn't get to her."

So, she wants to build a dog park just for smaller dogs, complete with fence perimeter and benches for their two-legged counterparts.

She's not sure how much it would cost, but hopes grants and sponsorships from area businesses will cover most of the tab.

Bush said she's already gotten a lot of support from her neighbors, who seem to think the park would be a good fit for the area.

"I think it will benefit a lot of people. A lot of folks in West Salem have smaller breeds," Bush said.

If all goes well, Bush hopes the park could be finished and open by next year.