No fear: Mom chases after Peeping Tom

TIGARD, Ore. - Jessica Therien was with her 9-month-old baby on a play date in the backyard of her friend's Tigard home when she noticed a strange man peering through the fence posts at her. He'd been by three times now in just a few minutes, and the third time adrenaline kicked in.

"I ran into her house and told her to call police, and then I ran out into the back to chase him. Because I wanted to get a better look at him," Therien told KATU. "I felt violated.

"We were both scared, but I wanted to get a good view of him to see what his face looked like."

So Therien went through the house and around the front to get to the outside of the fence where the man was peering through it. She sprinted down the path of the neighboring Summer Lake Park but could only catch a glimpse of him before he booked it in the other direction and disappeared.

Therien said, "When he heard or saw me he went to the right and disappeared ... you've got to be kidding me."

She got a good enough look to remember a gray ball cap, dark hair, shorts and a red T-shirt on a man who she said looked like he was in his 30s. She called police and officers looked around but couldn't find the man who still gives Therien chills.

"I want people to be aware. It's summer time with kids around. That's mostly what I'm afraid of. Parents be aware."