No waiting in line for gasoline? Yep, the Rainy Day Fuel app can bring the gas to you

Imagine never having to sit in line again waiting for a gas pump to open up.

It's now a reality because there's an app for that, and it was developed by a Portland-area startup called -- appropriately enough -- "Rainy Day Fuel."

Co-founder Patrice Holliday-Defrees says the idea came to her and her business partner while they were hanging out with a software engineer complaining about getting gas.

His suggestion about developing an app turned into a business that started up about a month ago.

“When you're ready to fuel you'll log in, hit the request gas button, let us know how much you want -- $15, 20 or fill-up -- and your gas will be on its way,” Holliday-Defrees said. “Once you park your car, you're going to get out and pop your cap and you just walk away.”

Although because of safety restrictions they can't give you a fill-up in a parking garage, they can bring the gas to your home, work or wherever you happen to be.

“We make sure that we stand up to the highest measure of DOT's certifications and safety,” Holliday-Defrees said.

Although the service is only available in Hillsboro and Beaverton for now, the company plans to expand into more of the Portland metropolitan area.

“We love the college campuses and corporate offices because we can go ahead and do multiple cars within that same lot,” Holliday-Defrees said. “We call that cluster fueling.”

She said the company is working to build a second truck with a 300-gallon tank to deliver premium gas for those customers that want it.

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