Nonprofit gives new hats to children with cancer

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Men dressed as superheroes delivered free hats to 60 young cancer patients at Doernbecher Children's Hospital on Tuesday.

"When kids are battling cancer they often lose their hair, become self-conscious and feel different from those around them just on the basis of their appearance," said Sam Harper, public relations director for Love Your Melon.

These hats can help change that.

According to Harper, Love Your Melon is a nonprofit group that sells hats at pop-up sales and online. Then, for every hat they sell, they give one away to a child with cancer.

"What we aim to do is give them a warm hat to cover their head and just really create a smile and have a positive impact," Harper said.

One of the 60 recipients Tuesday was Ryland, who was at Doernbecher for his final day of chemotherapy. Ryland said he wants to be a cop when he grows up.

"It's awesome!" he said when asked about his new hat, hand-delivered by Captain America.

So why superheroes?

"At first when we were creating this organization and thinking about ways we can make children smile, we really thought of, what did we like as children?" Harper said. "We harked back to our own past and we all loved superheroes."