Nordstrom closing two metro locations, affecting hundreds of jobs

PORTLAND, Ore. - Nordstrom announced on Wednesday that it will close two stores in the metro area early next year.

The chain's stores at Lloyd Center and the Vancouver mall will close in January 2015.

Hundreds of jobs will be affected. There are about 220 non-seasonal employees at the Lloyd Center location and 164 in Vancouver.

The company said it gave nearly a year of advance notice to give its employees time to plan, and that it will try to find jobs at its other locations in the area for employees who want to remain with the company.

"This was a tough decision to make because we've been doing business at Lloyd Center and Vancouver Mall for a long time and we care a great deal about the community, our customers and our employees here," said Erik Nordstrom, president of stores for the company, in a press release. "These two locations just haven't performed to the level we need them to and investing in remodels to possibly make them more successful doesn't pencil out."

There are three more Nordstrom and four Nordstrom Rack stores in the area.