Obie's feeling a whole lot lighter after skin-removal surgery

TUALATIN, Ore. - Obie the obese dachshund is resting just fine after undergoing surgery to have his excess skin removed.

The surgery was one of the final hurdles in Obie's weight loss plan.

Eight months ago Obie could hardly walk, tipping the scale at 77 pounds. On Tuesday he weighed in 40 pounds lighter at just 37 pounds.

His owner, Nora Vanetta, says he still has some weight to lose but right now they're focusing on his recovery.

"He's gonna spend the night here (animal hospital) and stay on IV fluids and pain medication," said Vanetta. "And then we're gonna continue antibiotics and anti-inflammatories at home and just kind of see how he does - let him move on his own. It's gonna be up to him."

She says once Obie recovers from the surgery he'll undergo physical therapy so he can learn how to walk like a normal dog.

The surgery removed two-and-a-half pounds of excess skin.