Occupy Portland says it's re-occupying downtown park

PORTLAND, Ore. - Occupy Portland is back?

The group is setting up camp again across from the Justice Center, and it is promising it will fill Chapman Park by the end of the weekend.

A KATU reporter was covering another story at the Justice Center when she noticed people gathering. A woman came up to her and told her that the group had officially re-occupied Chapman Park.

The group says it is protesting in support of basic civil rights and against police brutality. Group members were also writing sidewalk messages to people in jail.

They say it is part of something called Worldwide Wave of Action. It started Friday with former Occupy sites in 10 cities across the nation.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said he has heard something was going on but nothing official. He said there were no talks between the group and the police before group members began arriving in the park.

The group occupied Lownsdale and Chapman parks for more than a month in 2011.