ODOT plans redesign for interchange where truck crash occurred

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Oregon Department of Transportation says the busy ramp from Interstate 84 westbound to Interstate 5 northbound, where a vehicle collided with a semi-truck Wednesday morning, has seen its share of crashes.

ODOT plans to redesign the lanes starting in July.

"This will ease the pressure along in here and reduce sideswipe crashes," said ODOT spokesman Don Hamilton.

Early Wednesday morning, a vehicle crashed into a semi-truck while the driver attempted to switch to the left lane and continue on I-5 northbound. The truck rolled over, then fell 49 feet off an on-ramp, injuring the driver.

Hamilton said the new design will force drivers to commit to going north or south on I-5 much earlier. The lane to I-5 northbound will be an exit-only lane. The other two lanes will lead to I-5 south.

"This is going to improve the flow of the corridor considerably through here," he said.

Currently twice as many drivers head south rather than north.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of August.

"I think motorists, once they see this is going to be easier and smoother and quicker, they're going to come very quickly to appreciate this work that's being done," said Hamilton.

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