Officer involved in Aaron Campbell shooting will be reinstated

PORTLAND, Ore. - The City of Portland will reinstate a police officer who was fired over his involvement in the shooting of an unarmed man, even as city officials continue to fight his continued employment.

An arbitrator had previously ordered the city to reinstate Ron Frashour to the police bureau. That decision was recently upheld by the state Employment Relations Board.

Frashour was fired after shooting and killing Aaron Campbell, who was unarmed in front of his apartment when he was killed in January 2010. The police bureau said Frashour did not follow proper protocol during the shooting.

Mayor Sam Adams has never relented in his desire to keep Frashour out of the bureau, although Adams' hand was forced following the two rulings.

Frashour will be given back pay then placed on paid administrative leave as the city continues to appeal his reinstatement.

In October, the city council voted to appeal the labor board's ruling to the Oregon Court of Appeals. If the appeals court sides with the city, Frashour could once again lose his job.

"This is an interim legal requirement," Adams said in a statement. "Our fight for control of our own police bureau continues."

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