'Oh my God!' moment when game leads to tunnel crash

WEST LINN, Ore. -- Tom Hatch and his wife decided to come home a day earlier than planned because it was raining on the coast but milder in West Linn.

They made it to the tunnel on Highway 26 near milepost 40 on Sunday.

"My wife just did an, 'Oh My God,'" said Hatch.

He says they saw a white car cross the center line and slam into their Ford Explorer head-on.

Daniel Calhoon, 19, was driving that white car when he fainted after holding his breath playing a superstitious game, according to Oregon State Police.

"My first thought was, what was he thinking? My second thought was, boy, there are going to be a lot of really ticked off people," said Hatch, who was referring to the traffic jam he expected.

Hatch didn't know police suspected Calhoon was playing a game.

"Actually, I wasn't even familiar with it," he said. "I can see doing that as a passenger. I'm not sure I'd consider it as a driver."

Some people believe that holding your breath while driving through a tunnel is supposed to bring good luck.

Calhoon was cited for assault (4th degree), reckless driving and three counts of reckless endangering.