OHS rescues more than 40 dogs from Wash. breeder

PORTLAND, Ore. - More than 40 dogs, many in need of urgent medical care, were rescued from a commercial breeder in Goldendale, Wash. on Thursday.

A group of seven Oregon Humane Society employees and volunteers transported the dogs to the Oregon Humane Society in Portland.

Most of the dogs are Shar Peis, a breed known for its wrinkled skin. But what makes the breed so distinctive can also be the primary cause for infection, according to Dr. Kris Otteman, OHS Director of Shelter Medicine.

"We expect to treat many of these dogs for skin and eye infections that are common to this breed," said Dr. Otteman.

OHS officials said that most of the dogs have infections that appear to have gone untreated for weeks or months. The more severe infections may even need surgery, according to Dr. Otteman.

The dogs' breeder, Eric David Calvin, has not currently been charged. However, the OHS rescue team will report any evidence of criminal neglect to the Klickitat County Sheriff's Department.

OHS was alerted to the dogs' poor condition by a dog rescue group in Washington.

OHS officials said that Calvin was overwhelmed with the cost and time required to care for so many dogs. He willingly relinquished them to OHS.

The rescue and care for the animals will be covered by public and private donations.

Donate to OHS at this link.

OHS hopes to put many of the rescued dogs up for adoption on May 10.

"Most of the dogs are friendly towards people," said Dr. Otteman. "We are also preparing for the likely possibility, however, that many dogs will require long-term care to recover from infections."

Video courtesy of the Oregon Humane Society.