One man dead after knife fight in Clackamas County

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. - One man is dead, another is in the hospital and police are left with a mess to untangle after a knife fight at a mobile home park early Thursday morning.

Clackamas County deputies said the man in the hospital, 36-year-old Peter Altman of Milwaukie, is in stable condition.

He's being interviewed in connection with the fatal stabbing of 47-year-old Randy Basson - also of Milwaukie - near Scott's View Mobile Home Park on Glencoe Road.

Kristine Lambie said Basson was her boyfriend, and that he had come to drop off her bike shortly after midnight when he was confronted by Altman.

"I said 'put the knife down, put the knife down,'" Lambie said. "And so he started running around where he was standing with me. And he ran after him and stabbed him anyway. He was trying to run from him. Yeah he was trying to get away from him and he stabbed him."

Police have not called Altman a suspect.

The investigation was still in progress Thursday morning. The fight was loud - there were numerous calls to 911 - and there were multiple witnesses, said Clackamas County Sheriff spokesman Bryon O'Neil.

"When we got here, there were a lot of people running around," he said. "It was a very chaotic scene. Our deputies pretty quickly found one person laying on the ground obviously deceased, and another one in a separate area that had been stabbed as well.

"Every person perceives things differently. So for every witness, their story is gonna be different from another person's, and what we have to figure out are those critical differences - something that means someone is trying to hide something or there's another story."

Lambie was still in shock when she described Basson onThursday morning.

"He's got a big heart, bigger than anybody," she said. "What's on the outside isn't really what's on the inside. And there's a part of him inside, he's got heart."