One year later: Looking back at the Aumsville tornado

AUMSVILLE, Ore. - Around 11:45 on December 14, 2010, National Weather Service radar picked up a strong storm cell forming in Marion County. Less than 15 minutes later, emergency personnel reported a tornado had run through the small town of Aumsville, severely damaging homes and businesses.

When the cell finally dissipated, the tornado had cut a path five miles long and 150 yards wide, damaging around 50 structures and uprooting or snapping dozens of large trees. Winds peaked around 120 miles per hour.

The EF 2 tornado was just the 99th to hit Oregon in fifty years and was one of the most powerful.

To mark the one-year anniversary, is looking back at some of our coverage.

Original story: Tornado causes major damage in Aumsville

"Witnesses tell KATU News that several homes and building have been damaged, including the city's fire department. The tornado swept through the town quickly, according to several witnesses.

"The T.G. Nichols Plumbing business was hit hard, according to witness contacted by phone by KATU News. One home was severely damaged by a tree uprooted by the wind and another residence was off its foundation."

The story develops through the afternoon: Photos, video and extended coverage of the Aumsville tornado

No one was injured but the destruction left behind was severe. The heaviest damage was in the central part of the town. Aumsville is located outside of Salem and around 3,500 people live there.

The National Weather Service has classified the Aumsville tornado as an EF2 with wind speeds of 110-120 mph and they said the tornado's damage trail was five miles long and 150 yards wide. They also reported that the tornado was not on the ground continuously, but lifted up and touched back down.'

Aumsville tornado was 99th to strike state since 1950

According to the National Climate Data Center, Tuesday's tornado marks the 99th tornado to strike Oregon since 1950.

Of those 99, only three have ever injured anyone -- each injuring one person.

Witnesses describe the chaos in Ausmville

The Clean-up: Aumsville residents pick up the pieces after tornado rakes town

At least 10 families were homeless after a rare tornado ripped through a small Oregon town, tearing roofs off buildings and toppling trees.

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

The home belonging to Lisa Wall and her husband was damaged Tuesday when the tornado tore through Aumsville.

"I thought it was just thunderstorms and hail until I saw somewhere over there, their roof came off," she said. "Then all these boards came flying."

The Scope: Tornado cut a path 5 miles long across Oregon

The storm hit Aumsville and continued moving, skipping over a section of ground before doing more damage, missing contact with the ground for a distance before doing more damage northeast of Aumsville.

The storm damaged at least 50 structures and uprooted or snapped over 30 large trees. Only two minor injuries were reported.

Aumsville tornado 911 calls

Surveillance video during the storm