Only you can prevent forest fires - so how, exactly, do you do that?

ESTACADA, Ore. -- Over the past decade, people have caused more than two-thirds of all the Oregon wildfires that torched forests and destroyed homes.

Yet, even after another week of severe fire danger and urgent warnings, people continue to do the things that start wildfires in the first place.

We drove on the scenic highway through Estacada into the heart of the Mt. Hood National Forest which winds along the Clackamas River patrolling for illegal, dangerous or reckless behavior.

It didn't take long to find abandoned fire pits, hot embers and illegal campfires. We found hot coals still smoldering in official campsites at Lazy Bend and Fish Creek.

We also found a campfire -- still burning -- off the road in a wooded area clearly marked as a "no fire" zone.