Opening statements complete in Aloha parking lot murder trial

Attorneys completed opening statements Tuesday in the trial of an Aloha man accused of gunning down the father of his grandson in front of a crowded grocery store.

Testimony will resume Wednesday .

Jeffrey Brian Johnson, 54, is accused of shooting Ryan Johnson, then 22, outside of Bales Thriftway in January 2012. The two share a last name but are not related.

Court documents, and Ryan Johnson's mother, point toward a heated custody battle as a possible motive for the shooting.

Ryan Johnson had a son with Jeffrey Johnson's daughter.

In 2012 Ryan Johnson wrote on Facebook that Jeffrey Johnson offered him $50,000 to give up his parental rights.

Court records show Ryan Johnson was never married to Jeffrey's daughter Megan. The documents show that Ryan accused Megan of "depriving (their son) of seeing his father."

Megan told a judge that Ryan was showing "irrational and emotionally abusive behavior." In October 2011, the couple fought over how their son was buckled into a car seat and Megan said Ryan pushed her.

According to Megan, her dad was saying "Ryan stop, this isn't healthy."

Jeffrey Johnson pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance in 2012.