Oregon woman calls police after man repeatedly whistles 'Closing Time'


A Forest Grove woman called 911 when a man wouldn't stop "obnoxiously" singing Semisonic's "Closing Time" near her house last Saturday.

For anyone who lived through the 90s, the song is unforgettable and has a keen way of getting stuck into your head.

The woman apparently told the whistler to "shut up," an argument ensued, and she called police.

“It’s not clear if the caller would have been more or less upset if it was a different genre or whether it was just the talent lacking in the whistling,” Forest Grove Police Capt. Mike Herb told TIME.

Police say the whistler left the scene shortly after, but officers who caught up with him shortly after found him... still whistling. He wasn't arrested or cited, but apparently whistled his way home because he was upset he had been told to "shut up."

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