Oregon's top 10 most popular liquors during 2013

PORTLAND, Ore. - We live a long way from Tennessee, but Oregonians can't get enough of the distilled spirits originally made by a guy named Jack Daniel.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission on Friday released lists of Top 10 sales by dollars and volume.

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 whisky sold the most by far of any hard liquor in the state, in terms of dollars, with $13.6 million.

As for the most by volume, Oregonians stayed true to a local seller, HRD Vodka, drinking about 248,000 gallons in a year. HRD is sold by Oregon-based Hood River Distillers.

"Spirits produced by Oregon Distillers make up almost 12 percent of the overall revenue and 16 percent of the total gallons," said Steve Marks, OLCC Executive Director. "With about 55 local distillers in the state, Oregon is one of the leaders in the country for craft distilling."

These numbers should be especially interesting this year, as a movement is underway to privatize liquor sales in the state of Oregon.

Here is how Oregonians bought booze from December 1, 2012 through November 30, 2013:

Dollar sales, in millions:

1. Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 ($13.6)
2. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey ($12.2)
3. Crown Royal ($11.5)
4. Pendleton Canadian Whiskey ($9.6)
5. Smirnoff Vodka 80 proof ($9.2)
6. H R D Vodka ($9.1)
7. Jameson Irish Whiskey ($8.1)
8. Black Velvet ($7.6)
9. Jagermeister ($7.6)
10. Seagram's 7 Crown ($6.9)

Volume sales, in gallons:

1. H R D Vodka (248,641)
2. Fleischmann's Royal Vodka (176,211)
3. Potters Vodka 80 proof (159,894)
4. Black Velvet (155,057)
5. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (142,657)
6. Smirnoff Vodka 80 proof (124,651)
7. Seagram's 7 Crown (124,135)
8. Oregon Springs Vodka (118,066)
9. Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 (110,808)
10. Monarch Plata Rum (108,566)