Organizers, police prepare for Portland Rock 'N Roll half marathon

PORTLAND, Ore. - About 10,000 people have signed up to run the Rock 'N Roll half marathon on Sunday.

It's the first Rose Festival event and first major race here since the bombings at the Boston Marathon last month.

So you can expect more Portland police officers here and private security stationed at the check booth and start line.

Just two weeks after the Boston bombings, 25,000 people ran the Rock 'N Roll half marathon in Madrid, Spain. And 30,000 more ran the Country Music marathon in Nashville.

Both events were safe.

They were also organized by the same company called Competitor Group.

It plans 31 half marathons all over the world, including the Portland Rock 'N Roll.

Competitor Group hires the private security guards but leaves almost all of the actual security planning to Portland police - just like how it's done in the 30 other cities where it also plans marathons.

KATU reached out to Portland police on Friday to see what changes they are making from last year. Police don't want to be specific but representatives from the marathon company said as far as they know there are no threats or warnings about anything happening here.

Sunday's event also means road closures in the morning.

Here's the route below: