OSPIRG releases this year's dangerous toys list

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG) released its annual report, Trouble in Toyland, identifying dangerous toys that should not end up under your tree this year. Several of the toys were found in Oregon, still on store shelves.

  • Lamaze Take and Tidy Activity Mat tested at 900 ppm for Antimony (sb). The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act's soluble Antimony limit is 60 ppm. The product is sold at Babies "R" Us.

  • Rings, distributed by Greenbrier International and sold at the Dollar Tree, tested positive for lead, ranging up to 200 ppm.

  • Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Remote tested above 85 decibels. OSPIRG fears the product could damage to children's hearing. It's sold at Babies "R" Us.

  • Bucky Balls pose a hazard when swallowed. The magnets move into the intestines, where they connect and erode the tissue in the intestinal wall.

Button batteries - found in toys, key fobs and remotes - are another concern. An increasing number of children are easily removing the batteries and then putting them in their mouths.

"When the button battery lodges in the throat, there's a chemical reaction that starts, and there's erosion and damage of all the esophagus tissue that's holding this in place," explains Sandy Nipper, coordinator of the Child Safety Program at Legacy Emanuel's Randall Children's Hospital.

"It can take as little as two hours for permanent damage," Nipper warns.

For a complete list of all the dangerous toys on OSPIRG's list, click here.