Owners of mystery baby photos identified

PORTLAND, Ore. - The families whose cameras were stolen six years ago with precious baby pictures inside have been identified.

The families saw pictures of their babies on the news and through KATU's Facebook page and wrote in to say: "Those are our babies!"

The two stolen cameras had been sitting in evidence at the Washington County Sheriff's Office for six years - unclaimed.

The sheriff's office was getting ready to turn the unclaimed stolen property over to the state for auction or destruction. But it wanted to make one last try at finding the owners of the two cameras.

KATU News showed the images on the news and on its Facebook page - and bingo! Success! Owners found.

The key for one of the families was one picture showing white kitchen counter tile with a pink stripe.

"And I saw a picture of a baby sitting on a counter," said the baby's mother Friday. "I didn't really notice the baby at first, I noticed the tile. And I thought, wow, that's just like my tile and somebody else has the same tile. And I looked at it more carefully, and I was like, that's my baby."

The baby, Gracie, is now 6 years old and in first grade.

Mom said someone stole the camera out of her baby bag in her car parked in her driveway six years ago and she never thought she would get them back.

She's already called the sheriff's office and plans to meet with them on Monday so she can prove to them it's her camera and her baby.

Other pictures from the second family show Adriana Watts. A family friend recognized Adriana's mother in the pictures and called her, telling her to check out the news.

"It was really surprising, it was exciting to get those pictures back," said Melanie Watts. "I mean those were really, really precious pictures. Brand new, first couple of days when she was born and so it was really, really great news. It was really exciting."

The Watts family said the camera was stolen out of their car parked in their driveway in Tigard shortly after their daughter was born.