Paramedics: 'There are certain things you just can't talk about'

It's been one year since the shooting at Clackamas Town Center. Join KATU News this evening at 4, 5 and 6 p.m. for a look back and complete coverage of the candlelight vigil at the mall.

One year after hearing the calls from dispatch about shots fired at Clackamas Town Center, KATU's Emily Sinovic sat down with two paramedics who were among the first on the scene.

They were scared for their own safety.

They lacked information about how many shooters - and victims - there were.

In their own words, Gary Laurent and Sandy Logan describe the night that changed their lives.


Laurent: "I had to take a double-take because I thought I heard them say 'Shooting at the Town Center.' I wasn't sure at that point, and then I heard them reiterate it on the radio and then I knew this could be the big one. We heard at times 2 or 3 people could possibly be shooting. Of course we were all very nervous for our own safety I saw more police support in that county than I had ever seen in 28 years of working in EMS."


Logan: "Her injuries were life threatening and the ambulance that transported her wasn't on scene for more than 2-3 minutes before they left."

Laurent: "If we could've gotten to {the deceased}, we would've done everything we could've possibly were trained to do to save them. Sometimes it doesn't work out."


Logan: "There are certain things you just can't talk about. A lot will be locked away. I will never be able to talk to you about any of it and I'll take it with me when I go. I'm more cautious."

Logan: "With me getting close the end of my career I want to make it to the end of my career and with that escalating public violence you don't know when that end is going to come."

Logan: "The hardest part for me, because of the escalating public violence, every call that I go on, I am way more cautious and make sure of what we're going into."

Laurent: "To appreciate my family and friends and coworkers more, to let them know because you just never know when they're not going to be here hug your family tell them how much you love them."

Remembering the Clackamas Town Center shooting