Parents: Girl killed in hit-run saved lives through organ donation

FOREST GROVE, Ore. -- Parents of two sisters killed in a hit-and-run are talking for the first time about the importance of organ donation after their daughter Abigail's tragic death resulted in the donation of her organs, giving life to others.

"We received a letter from one of her kidney recipients just thanking us and describing what their week was like and that they prayed for us, and we prayed for them," Abigail's mother, Susan Deiter-Robinson said.

She and her husband Tom Robinson both spoke about the impact Abigail's organ donations have had on their ability to find some peace after Abigail and her stepsister Anna were killed in a hit-and-run in front of their Forest Grove home last October.

"It hits home the fact what Abigail did. ... "She really did save a someone's life," said Tom Robinson.

The Forest Grove parents are now working with the nonprofit Donate Life Northwest, to spread the word about the need for more donors. This weekend, Saturday May 3, the nonprofit is hosting "Abigail and Anna's Gifts of Life" at Forest Grove High School.

Both mother and father said they are so proud of the lives their girls will save because of their story and the awareness they're bringing to the need for donors.

"I don't get to see them graduate from high school. I don't get to see them be the amazing human beings out in the real world and see the people they're going to impact," Deiter-Robinson said. "What I can do is share who they are and who they were and I can share their love."

Tom Robinson went on to say, "Knowing the girls are still having an impact on people's lives ... Abigail, by her donation, is still having an impact on people's lives brings us joy-- joy and love."