Parkrose schools move one step closer to a strike

PORTLAND, Ore. - As contract negotiations continue in the Parkrose School District, it is becoming clear that a strike could be imminent.

A 14-hour bargaining session on Monday did not end with the two sides agreeing on a contract but as teachers began their school day on Tuesday, the board voted to put that contract into effect anyway.

So why did the board vote before the two sides came together on contract terms?

The district said it had to go forward with Tuesday morning's vote - without teachers present and without an agreement on several issues - in order to make payroll.

But according to the teachers' union, they are nowhere near seeing eye to eye with the board on furlough days, insurance and seniority pay. That leaves a possible strike looming in the near future.

The union and school board are scheduled to meet this Thursday and next Tuesday. If they can't hammer out a deal, the teachers have voted to go on strike. The earliest they can do that is Wednesday, April 25.