Patch the tires, oil the chain, pound a beer

Hard to think of a more perfect and bikes in Portland. A couple bike repair shops think it's a pretty great idea.

In Northeast Portland, Velo Cult's been pouring pints while fixing bikes for a couple years.

"Cycling and beer have always gone together in one way or another, this is just bringing the two together," George Schenk tells KATU. He serves beer and doubles as repair man too.

Just recently, a smaller bike shop in Sellwood applied for a license to serve up a cold pint.

"We're mostly going to fill up growlers to go, but people can also stay and have a glass of it... Have a cool pint of beer while they're waitng for us to fix their bikes or cool down in the hot summer when they're riding by," Naihma Deady said.

She and her husband Eric own Bike Commuter in Sellwood where they hope to have a small bar open by this summer.

Eric Deady explained, "We always thought, wouldn't it be great to serve beer at a bike shop... it's an emerging trend, can't deny that."