People inside house during standoff call KATU

CLATSKANIE, Ore. - Two people inside a house in Clatskanie called KATU during a standoff with police Saturday.

Carrie Hurley said she and her boyfriend, James Marco Bryan, did not want to leave the house for fear they would be killed.

Hurley told KATU her boyfriend was supposed to turn himself in on an arrest warrant. But she said he changed his mind because he wanted to turn himself in to a county officer, but saw Clatskanie police drive by the house.

"Why would the Clatskanie cops keep on cruising by?" Bryan said by phone during the stand-off. "Because they want to take me out. Because I am going to ... take this whole county down, that is why."

Hurley said she and Bryan had filed complaints against Clatskanie police because they believe police are corrupt, and they felt if they came out of the house, they would be hurt.

"I got the paperwork to the (bleep) SWAT team who's out here in front of me. They read it. They don't care," Bryan said.

"They want me to come out so they can come in and shoot him or they can shoot me if I come out," said Hurley. "They're corrupt and we've got 'em by the (bleep) and they (bleep) don't even know whats going on."

Hurley said she asked the negotiators for cigarettes, but did not get them.

During the phone conversation with KATU, she also spoke to negotiators.

"Look at me. I need cigarettes. I'm smoking butts in my house. I need some cigarettes thrown up here so i can calm down in this situation," she told negotiators.

She said she asked them for marijuana as well.

"I am a medical marijuana user," Hurley said. "That's the only thing that makes me feel OK. They won't let anyone bring me medical marijuana."

Hurley repeatedly said she was frightened to leave the house.

"I am so scared. I am just scared out of my mind, you know. They're gonna come in here. They're gonna gas this place. They're going to do something. I got friends calling. I got this all over Facebook," Hurley said.

Not long after the last call with KATU, police said the standoff ended peacefully, with the two people inside the house under arrest.