Plenty of sun but no snow greets visitors to Mount Hood

MOUNT HOOD - Where's the snow? That's what folks at Timberline Lodge and other ski resorts dotting Mount Hood are asking.

Ski business melted away 22 percent compared to last December at Timberline.

At Ski Bowl in Government Camp, there's more green than white on its slopes.

Timberline actually sold 1,000 lift passes Thursday and Friday thanks to the ace up its sleeve: Palmer Glacier.

That's among the only places in the Northwest suitable for skiing this winter, says Spencer Raymond, assistant coach for Lake Oswego High School Ski Team.

Timberline has elevation on its side.

Palmer is 7,000 feet in elevation, which is high enough to retain snow from earlier this year.

Still, the ski conditions are disappointing because many areas usually covered with snow at this time of year have exposed rocks.

The Mount Hood Race Team canceled its race next Friday slated for Ski Bowl because there's not enough snow.

"Even on Palmer, we are skiing on snow from a month ago," said Dan Minter from atop the Magic Mile Ski Lift at 7,000 feet.

"We need snow," said Raymond, who's coaching 80 kids on the mountain on Friday.