Plumbers kept busy with backlog of frozen pipes

The Pacific Northwest is slowly starting to crawl out of the deep freeze it's been in the past several days. But that cold weather has left behind all kinds of plumbing problems.

KATU tagged along with Pacific Crest Plumbing repairmen Tuesday morning as they fixed burst pipes. Owner Nick Deleganes and his team have been working around-the-clock trying to keep up with the backlog.

"It's only really been this bad maybe three, four times in the last thirty years," said Nick.

Many homeowners simply have vital plumbing fixtures in very cold spots throughout their homes. That includes crawl spaces and under sinks.

In some cases, those pipes couldn't handle the cold weather. A large portion of homeowners have also forgotten to disconnect outdoor hoses. If water isn't allowed to drain out, it can freeze inside pipes that enter the home.

Nick has had to turn away new customers because so many of his established ones have had problems with burst pipes in the cold weather.