Police: Anti-Trump vandal sets Mustang on fire in Southeast Portland

Mustang vandalized, burned in Southeast Portland, Ore. (Portland Fire & Rescue)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) - Police and fire officials are asking for help tracking down the suspect in a Southeast Portland vandalism and arson.

Around 12:30 a.m. Friday, officials got a call about a car fire on Southeast 9th Avenue and Ash Street. A caller told police they say saw someone running from the scene.

Officers and firefighters arrived to find a silver Ford Mustang on fire, with the words "FK Trump" spray-painted on the side.

Officers say they noticed a small sticker on the Mustang that was pro-President-elect Donald Trump.

A tan Volvo parked in front of the charred Mustang had the same graffiti on it.

"There's no stickers. There's nothing political about my old Volvo, but it was spray-painted along with the vehicle that was on fire," said Chevonne Ball, who was returning to her car after having dinner at a restaurant to find the Mustang on fire and her car vandalized.

"It was really surprising, of course, and disheartening. I don't understand what the point is," she said. "It just caused a headache for me and spent a lot of time and energy having to get the paint off and, you know, dealing with the police reports."

Ball set up a GoFundMe page to not only help pay for the cleanup, but she also wants to donate money to charity so something positive can come out of this.

A witness told police he heard what he thought might have been an explosion, and saw a person jumping in place several times next to the Mustang before running away southbound on 9th Avenue.

The witness could only describe the person as having a thin build, of average height and wearing dark clothing.

Call police if you have any information.