Police arrest 4 adults, 2 children accused of stealing airport luggage

Update, January 8: A judgement of "no complaint" was issued when all four defendants appeared for their first hearing. That means prosecutors decided not to pursue charges at this time.

Original story: PORTLAND, Ore. - Police arrested four adults and two children who they said were stealing luggage from passengers at the Portland Airport.

Port of Portland Police arrested the group of six on Saturday near the airport MAX stop.

A Portland woman, who didn't want KATU to use her name, said the thieves stole bags that belonged to her husband and 9-year-old daughter.

"The most important thing is her doll that she's had since she was a baby and she slept with it every single night," she said.

Clothes and brand new Christmas gifts were alongside the doll in those bags.

"I was mad. I was really mad, really frustrated."

The woman said she'll never check a bag again, and is frustrated the airlines don't do more to protect passengers' belongings.

"When I talked to the baggage claim people, they said it's a known problem with people on the MAX. People come in on the MAX, steal bags and go back out on the MAX," she said.

Police said the suspects are tied to several luggage thefts. The four adults face charges of theft, conspiracy and endangering welfare of a minor. They've been ordered to stay away from the airport for 90 days.

It's unclear if any of the stolen property has been recovered.

Port of Portland Police said thieves steal about 12 bags per month.

The woman says even one baggage theft is too many.

"You have to practically disrobe to get on a flight now, and I expect the same kind of high level of security for my belongings."